About Us

We are curious and grateful for the success of our Kickstarter campaign, which allows us to bring our vision to reality. With reaching our funding goal, we can now start the series production of our innovative tools and bring them to all workshops worldwide. THE HAMMER and THE AXE are the heart of our collection, offering every craftsman a successful combination of functionality and design.

Our tools are not only efficient support in everyday work but also an expression of individual style and a passion for craftsmanship. Even the simplest tool can become a real eye-catcher with a touch of design and finesse. We believe that quality and design do not have to be mutually exclusive - they rather complement each other perfectly.

The creative mind behind The Metalist is Dirk Ahrendt, known as the YouTuber The Metalist. As a passionate metalworking craftsman, he has developed and refined the tools in his own workshop with great attention to detail. His pursuit of perfection and a passion for craftsmanship are the driving forces behind his creations.

Our tools are all made in Europe to ensure the best materials and manufacturing techniques. The Metalist stands for quality, style and a new era of craftsmanship. Let yourself be inspired by our passion and discover the fascinating world of stylish tools for your workshop!

Our team

We are a small team with pure desire for metal.

Dirk, in the middle, is the top of it all: The creator, his mind and heart full of projects all around welding and metal.

Florian, left, is our mastermind: Numbers and data are his strength.

Eva, on the right, takes care of the administration and coordination of the project.